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  • Anyone have any views on which Android phone is worth getting?

    I'm looking at the HTC Wildfire.

    Any opinions on this?

    It's not going to be used as an MP3 player, as I use my iPod touch for this, but I'd be interested to hear about any other features people have used on an Android phone.



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  • Still waiting on the proper Android phone with proper keyboard. Motorola Milestone comes close, but isn't there just yet.

  • depending on what you're really into

    I can say the motorola droid should be the bare minimum

    that's what I have

    it's fast enough to be very usable although not quite as silky smooth as the iphone

    but it plays video at phone maximum resolution beautifully, navigation works as well as a standalone device...better than some

    browsing feels like a pc limited to 3g speeds. even loads scirra chat and runs it correctly.

    gaming is smooth, except for the camera. that's as slow as molasses, and unless you can temporarily stop the earth from spinning, you'll get motion blur. also, you press the shoot button, and then thirty minutes later it takes the picture

    aside from the camera i never feel like it's running slowly basically, everything is responsive enough that i don't have to think about the response speed, so..

    everything above that in processor speed should be very nice indeed

    someone had an htc hero at a party recently and the screen was stupendously beautiful and huge

    haven't seen the wildfire in person yet

    if you're on a budget motorola droid is a great phone

    if you're not, well, take your pick

    I don't remember which, but some of the new ones can be used as a wifi hotspot for several devices at once without being unlocked. the droid can't

    so if you might need that, keep that in mind as well

    as a side note. all the hubbub about the crappy keyboard on the droid is blown way out of proportion. it's not the best keyboard i've ever seen or used, but it works, I can type on it just fine, wish the rows were staggered instead of lined up, but it's not the horrific mess people make it out to be

  • If you can afford it and you live in Europe or Asia (its 3G won't work in America), HTC Desire. It's what I'm going to be getting as soon as I can, hands down the best phone available here (UK).

    Wildfire is pretty meh to be honest. It's not awful, but shoot for something better if you can.

    If you're in the US: Droid X, or Nexus One.

    If you can tell me where you are and a price point, I can help a bit better. You may want to read this Something Awful Forums megathread: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showth ... id=3294915

    Edit: You should note that while Samsung is making some pretty sexy hardware of late, they have a baaaaad history of abandoning their devices and never updating their software.

    Also, you should pick something that's likely to be getting froyo (Android 2.2). Google '<device name> froyo' to see if there are plans. It's been rumoured that the Wildfire will be getting it, and the Desire will likely be getting it in a month or so. Nexus One has it already, and most devices can run it if you're prepared to root (hack) it.

  • Thanks for the info and advice guys.

    I'm going to do a bit more research and then probably get one on Monday.



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