Is ActionScript more powerful than Construct?

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  • To conclude, you can't compare the two.

    ActionScript is certainly less powerful than Construct in simple terms, but the objectives the two serve are very different; if you want to make a short animation or simple online game, use Flash or Shockwave. If you want to make a desktop game which requires complex graphics, effects, or anything like that, you'll have to use something else.

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  • The action script only allows for a single point 'hit test' so if you make a game in flash you tend to have to write your own collision system, or making a function which tests mutliple points..though some people have somehow written entire physics engines with action script.....

    Anyway action script is script, and I think its based of C, so its harder to use but does give you more control. However constructs event system allows for loops, functions, and recursive functions, so its probably better ask the question is it easier to do a in actionscript or a in Construct

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