What's your example of "big" or "complex" games for mobiles?

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  • Hello,

    Not being a big player on mobile devices, I'm wondering what's, according to you, a big and/or complex game on mobile ?

    Have you played it ? For how long ? In what period (what are your general play sessions' length in time) ? Have you completed the game (have you beat it, is it beatable, how far did you go) ?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • Battle Academy is a complex game - the AI would be difficult to do in C2 - I play it on my ipad, many many hours

    https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/battle- ... 01136?mt=8

  • Ravensword Shadowlands

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... avensword2

    Galaxy On Fire 2

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ndroid2012

    played both of these a lot

  • I liked this one a lot!

    Cool combat system!

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ator&hl=de

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  • Strategy and puzzle games are for me mobile games that i can play for a while on the smartscreen.schooters and action etc more for a pc or computer with controllers for the ultimate gaming thats my meaning

  • How about some complex 2D game examples....

  • i think the more complex games for C2 for the cellphone could be some tactical multiplayer games because of the AI and because it needs database, items, stats.

  • i think the more complex games for C2 for the cellphone could be some tactical multiplayer games because of the AI and because it needs database, items, stats.

    That's not what I'm asking in the first post.

    I'm asking what are the most complex games people have ACTUALLY played on mobiles and for how long.

    So far, very few realistic and complete answers to that simple question.

    As I suspected, possibly people don't play "big and complex games" on mobiles.

  • I don't understand what information you're looking for. There are plenty of examples of big complex games on mobiles (various final fantasies, Star Wars KOTOR, etc), and as such there's clearly a market for them (though there are also clearly many more smaller, less complex games). Why do you want to know specifically if the people here in the scirra community have played them? That's such a small potion of mobile gamers, I'm not sure what you're trying to determine. Could you clarify that?

  • I would say The Room and The Room 2 are "big" mobile games. Not that long, but it has a very good production value, cool puzzles and a nice atmosphere.

    Gemini Rue, is another "big" game. There's a lot of them... you'd have to be more specific.

  • sorry i understand bad. I dont play big and complex games on mobiles, i just play games i could play in the buss.. for 10 or 15 min.

  • Arima: I'm just looking for the name of actual games people consider big and/or complex and that they do play and the time they've spent playing it on mobile devices.

    That's all.

    As I mentioned in the first post, I'm not a mobile player myself, that's why I'm curious to see what others have played and what they consider complex.

    Some people mentioned a few games, unfortunately just a vague estimate of the actual time they spent on it.

    That's also to understand better in the discussions where the "C2 can't make big or complex games on mobiles" argument come, what games those people are referring to.

    So far, I must admit, I still don't.

  • I think they're just referring to a technical point about having a lot of music, artwork and code. As I mentioned before, SNES era RPGs like Final Fantasy I think are a perfect example, they have tons of images and tons of features. Now with memory management in crosswalk and Ejecta, C2 could probably handle a game like those on mobile.

  • Some big games for mobile devices I can think of are games like Zenonia. The game was so popular they ended up creating sequels for it. Its currently on its fifth sequel called Zenonia 5.

    Link here:

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ia5.global

    Final fantasy ported games, asphalt as well as the grand theft auto ports are also on my list of big games I used to play. Although I have a huge variety which mainly revolve around action,puzzle,rpg or driving games.

  • Maybe R-Type and R-type 2 (I know they are technically emulated, but are official games for android), Cut the rope (not the 2, watching ads for more plays is laaaaaaame), the lite version of Sonic CD.

    All three well polished and enjoyable in my humble opinion.

    I also play syobon action and cat the wool (obvious rip off of cut the rope), one is a quick portage that does not feel in it s place on a touch device (Sonic CD feels better, R type have two kinds of controls, not that responsive, but good enough so it is better at least), the other is a bad rip off, with bad finitions, somewhat ads abusive, a sort of 30 fps logic that makes the animation of the cat more fluid than the actual physic of the game, and also not that fun to play (also ads are making bugs in the game, lolz)

    Of course the mobile have the advantage/handicap of touchscreen, and it is up to us to use it properly.

    Edit:Countless hours spent on cut the rope, a few hours on r type and r type 2 (I am not great on shooters, but love r type, so the hours count will go up), not much time on the lite version of sonic cd (but if one day I have the full game, oh boy..)

    In the exemple I ve quote, all of them can save right after a stage so you can play quickly.

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