What upcoming games are you looking forward to?

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  • Half Life 3...?

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  • Oh, I'm waiting for the Legacy of the Void extension for Starcraft 2, and the PC release of GTA V actually. It looks quite amazing.

  • Inside ... from playdead studios.

  • Hearts of Iron IV - Grand strategy WW2 game from Paradox (the guys of CK2 fame)

    Cities: Skyline - City building game that could be everything that SC5 made us think it would do

    GTA V for PC - Probably need a new PC for that, but I have until early 2015 to get that ;D

  • Leaufai

    Cities Skylines looks interesting. Didn't even bother with the new Sim City.

  • Leaufai

    I can get why. SC4 didn't have perfect pathfinding or great game balance either, but it had at least large cities (especially when you used region play) and you could change your terrain. That's something a city builder needs. Luckily Skylines seems to have both a good terrain generator/editor and large cities (36 km² and more if you have a very beefy PC).

  • [quote:3n5qpiir]but it had at least large cities

    Isn't that exactly what it didn't have. Based on some reviews


    In my opinion the regions doesn't really count. And of course there was loads of other issues.

  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong number. I had a blast playing the first one, and I have high hopes for the second chapter. Maybe a tiny better scenario?

    No man's sky : What an ambitious project! And from such a small studio!

    That hack'n'slash from a Korean studio that I can't remember the name. It looked so cool in the previews! Like better than Diablo3.

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