How much you spend money on games in a month

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    I cant believe some of you guys are spending $100+ per month on games?

    Its not the necessary the money that surprises me..

    its just that there is no way you can be playing all those games through or to their full intended potential.

    personally I might buy 2 major console or pc games a year,

    plus a couple of small Indi titles and a couple of mobile games.

    even then I don't have the time to play them all to their fullest

    also I will usually buy the DLC for games that have truly grabbed me which is very rare.

    I will never ever do micro-transactions that are pay to win/play/level-up/get that better weapon/ability etc

    I think these monetising methods are the scourge of humanity. If you put them in your game you are not a true game lover and if you encourage them by buying then you are an idiot. (rant over)

    In the special case of Overwatch (who have promised all future characters and maps DLC for free for ever) I am happy to spend the odd few quid on loot boxes, 1) to support the further development of a game that I love and 2) because boxes only contain cosmetic items that have no advantage in game besides looking awesome.

    all this might amount to $200 a year max.

    OMG! $100 is too much! I`ll ry to rmeber tims and amounts I`ve spent may be a few month ago. Now I spent zero for games...

    I haven't bought a game in years.

    If I want a game to play I look for free games or make my own so I get the experience designing and the fun of playing and sharing my game with others.

    I'm not huge on money-spending, I'd say about $5 usd every other month.

    200$ in one day. But it's not game. It's program. When I came to the friend for pirate version of this soft, my bicycle was stolen

    Roughly around $25-$30. That is the max i have gone on my PS4

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    For me it's took about $30 per month.

    Probably about £50, speends

    Probably about £50, speends

    Around 10$ max, I usually wait for steam sales before I buy something. And I mostly play the free games.

    Cant really afford good games when you live in third world country.

    i spend 100$+ on COC

    That is a huge sum in my case, a $100 i would think a multiple times before doing that.

    I spend at least $12 dollars a month. I have been part of the Humble Bundle subscription service since they started it. I also pick up some of their featured bundles too. So, it fluctuates quite often. I think the most I have spent in one month was around $150 (those steam sales get me every time)

    About $5 ish.

    I spend so much that it seems I could already buy a house for this money

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