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  • Hey

    What limitations does construct 2 withhold when making make a isometric multiplayer zombie shooter mobile game. Also is it possible to make a game like hotline miami on construct 2?

    such as what is the maximum amount of players can a server provide

    can we have destructible and dynamically lit environments in these multiplayer servers.

  • 1. There is no real limitation for an isometric game in C2/C3 but it is more complicated than a regular 2d sidescroller.

    2. Yes, you could do Hotline Miami in C2/C3. There is nothing in that game that C2/C3 can't do and would be pretty easy to make a perfect clone of if you know how to work in this engine.

    3. It depends on what server you use. All providers have their own limits. I use photon for all my multiplayer stuff.

    4. Yes you can, but there is no basic plugin for that so you'll have to make your own system and optimize it.

  • What limitations does c2/3 have, I've heard of performance issues on mobile platforms?

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  • Given the chosen name, and the repeating question, this is looking like a troll thread.

    Ask specific questions you'll get specific answers.

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