Do you feel developing has broken some of your immersion?

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  • The immersion has not left me but it has evolved to a much more understanding level.

    Do i wish it was like when i was 10 years old, full of wonder and gazing at all the beauty and adventure on screen.

    For me the answer is no, not without understanding how and why things work the way they do in games.

    But i do miss the friends to play with that where there once, playing together is such a great immersion.

    Friends grow older and go about their business, some being married and having children or just losing interest in playing together.

    I like the social immersion of the arcade, and i am truly happy i can immerse myself completely in C2 and the wonderful world of game creation.

    C2 is my playground and players worldwide are like the biggest EndBoss i have ever faced.

    If i play good in C2 then maybe one day the social immersion around one of my creations gets a boost from them.

    If anything then game developing has given a boost to functional clarity.

    And i think clarity can beat down any illusion, games are beautiful illusions so same rule applies for that. (for me)

    I love reality but can still enjoy a very simple illusion, but i do need to be in the mood for the latter

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  • Of course. It's the same in every industry. Movies actors don't really watch movies like the general public, no more than famous singers treat each other like screaming fans. At first I would feel like it was a bane, like games were less fun, but you get to create things, and learn... Trust me, it's not just games, if you let it, your view of movie actors, singers, games... all of it will change, and you'll start treating famous people like other content creators..

    Don't worry about it.. Idolizing people isn't healthy or good anyway. Count yourself lucky you don't want to be a screaming fan that wants to lick some guys tooth brush just because he sold a million records... No one wants to be around people like that anyway... Also, you're maturing into a place where your less blind. This is also a positive direction.

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