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  • Hello Constructors,

    We are working on a new tool that transcodes HTML5 to quasi-native Android and IOS apps, without using PhoneGap or Apache Cordova. We have successfully tested our transcoding tech on eLearning projects and would now like to test some HTML5 games. We would really appreciate the opportunity to test some games in this community.

    Should you be interested in submitting a game for testing, please get in touch with me. We only have room for a limited number of test games right now, so I would need to select some of the more challenging samples based on completeness and features. Should your game contain sensitive assets or should you be worried about copyrights, we are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    Please get in touch and ask questions as required before you decide whether you would like to submit a game. You will of course get to keep and use the transcoded apps without charge.

    Thank you for your interest.


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