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  • Version 18.51 is now officially out! Many workflow enhancements in this version: for example, layer groups are now cached, so non-destructive complex documents are much, much faster to process. This is a free update for registered users.

    Other new features:

    • New Filter "Polar Coordinates"
    • new Boolean vector cut function
    • New Alignment Functions "Distribute Layers Equally Hor.“ and "Distribute Layers Equally Vert."
    • Paint Tools with Smooth stroke options
    • new vector editing options

    What's more, the external app link option now includes PDF as an intermediate file format. This means the user can send vector layers to (for example) InkScape or CorelDraw, and edit the vector elements in those, and send them back to Photoline which updates the externally edited layers automatically. Very handy, and works like a charm.

    And most importantly: selection of objects has been vastly improved:

    • elements can be selected and moved in one action. (before we had to select first, then move - very awkward)
    • elements inside groups and outside groups can now be multiple selected. Before only elements on the same level in the layer stack hierarchy could be selected, and this was quite inconvenient and a potential workflow killer - especially with mockups and documents with complex arrangements.

    These last two improvements really make a huge difference in workflow speed.

    Full list of improvements / release notes:


    Photoline is an image editor that offers a 32-bit linear workflow, imports and exports layered EXR files, true vector layers, Lab, RGB, CMYK and greyscale at 8/16/32bit per channel, and a predominantly non-destructive workflow. Multiple page documents are also supported. SVG support is great.

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