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These recognizable, fun-filled and simple music loops are a great asset for fast prototyping and ready for use.
  • Gilden

    Looks really good.

    A question - you get scenes, ships, weapons ... Do you get any characters?


  • Velojet There is one set of JRPG type characters, with walking animation in 4 directions. I haven't seen anything else in there yet for characters.

    I've gone through most of the assets, and the best parts are definitely the space craft, sky backgrounds, and space backgrounds. Personally, just for those assets, the whole thing is worth the price for me. There's a bit of other stuff in there which varies in quality, but I guess it depends on what you're after.

    Their website covers the majority of the content you get.

  • I am making an animated pixel character pack (change out hair, eyes, clothes, etc..., but it's taking a very long time and it's not promised for the IGB so I might sell it separately in my online store.

    I'm trying to get together another update by Dec. 1st to include more content, and hopefully add 500 more images.

    For those not interested in the whole package, I will be selling individual packs of what is in the IGB in my online store. $200 will be cheaper than if you were to buy all the content on the site separately. So getting the IGB is like getting a better discount.

    The graphics count is above 7,000 and by December it will be close to 8,000 lol

  • Gilden I am most likely going to pick this pack up in the next month or so, I wanted to see what the graphics count is at, and what additions have been made since you went live?

  • Anybody else that has picked this pack up have any feedback? I am considering getting it to fill in some gaps I have in some projects. Anyone used these in a game yet? I noticed you have to go to a different site to actually buy it. I always like to check before buying from sites that I am not familiar with. I just want to make sure that the site where you have to buy it is also legit, the title on the site is "Graphics for Games", the url when you go to buy is http;// have any of you bought this?

  • I am tempted to purchase this but the presentation of the website and the fact that you can't download any samples has held me off. Also it doesn't look like there are any animated characters in the set which I find the hardest aspect of my games. I would easily pay $200 if I knew there were a bunch of running, climbing shooting characters included. $200 for a bunch of spaceships and some dated looking top down RPG graphics is keeping me away.

  • I am still new here and thinking about whether to get construct 2, or game maker studio, but first before i make a informed decision, i have one question or a few:

    can it do in app purchases in the business edition?

    second can i make forms for my app with it?

    can i make and customise a on screen keyboard?

    third, can i use physics with it?

    fourth and most importantly is it easy to program, where i can put java, and python snippets?

    fifth can it allow editing while a player is playing?

    sixth, does it support multiplayer functions, and online gaming?

    seventh, note that it does not need this, but would be nice if it had it, does it have a 3d room editor, and model editor?

  • falconsoft not really the right place for these questions as this is a thread on a third party graphics pack.... but anyway:

    1. Construct 2 is an HTML5/JavaScript engine, no Java or Python here. Though you can do XML and JSON calls.

    2. In app purchases are dependent on what platform you are targeting, you will need to find the appropriate plugin for your platform., AppMobi, CocoonJS, etc... all have plugins here it just depends on how much the particular plugin has been developed and which features are supported. Scirra does not make the third party plugins.

    3. You can create your own onscreen keyboard just fine. There are also plugins for text boxes, etc... so that browsers will treat them as any other text box and present you with the onscreen keyboard natively. Otherwise you can create your own and assign actions to each button like simulate key press "X".

    4. Physics is supported out of the box with Box2D JavaScript library built in.

    5. You can't really program directly in construct 2, you use the event system and it generates the code for you. Try the free version for awhile to see the functionality. If you really need to add your own code, you can use the SDK to create your own javascript extensions and plugins.

    6. This is 2D only, no 3D support here as it uses the HTML 5 canvas object for all rendering. You can visually create your levels. Again try the free version for awhile before deciding to buy. What you get in the free version is what you get in the licensed version with the exception of families, containers, and exporting to different platforms. All this can be found on the licensing description in the manual.

    I highly recommend trying the free version, going through tutorials and reading the manual. That will answer pretty much every question you asked in much better detail than I can.

    Hope this helps.

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  • czar I bought it this week and I feel it is well worth it for what you get. It does have some limited characters that are more geared toward a top down RPG that do have animations for various movements.

    The ship parts can be used for much more than ships as well. There are plenty of packs to allow you to build all kinds of scenery, and this is where the package really shines. It isn't really geared at character creation, more environment, weapons, items, etc.... If you watch the videos on the site, you will see examples of the types of packages they offer. Also if you go on the site ( you can look at the individual packs and see previews of what is included in each one.

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