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  • Greetings y'all. I write to you at this forum, because I need your help and opinions on a project, I'm making.

    I am working on my bachelor in Communication Design and have decided to make the concept and design for a tool/engine for making point and click games. I have chosen this genre, because it's the technically simplest I can think of – if you e.g. think of Myst, it's basically an interactive slide show with a rarely used inventory and a bit of extra functions (like being able to click something that trickers something else at another place). But at the same time you can make a really solid story through this genre, and there's lots of room for creativity (again, think of Myst as well as all the other great classics).

    My goal is to make a tool that's even more intuitive than Construct and yet advanced enough to make pretty much anything you can think of within the 2D point and click genre, including complicated commands, animation, and so. I must admit that I haven't been using Construct, as I'm a Mac user (and my Windows partition doesn't work), but I've tried to get an idea about its possibilities, and I really like its features (though different and more complicated than what I want my tool to be like). Generally I don't have much experience in game developing, and I'm definitely not good at coding (I have a friend/colleague to help me with that part of the project), and maybe that's why I want to make a tool that doesn't require those skills.

    Therefore I'm asking for your input and ideas, since most of you are most likely experienced in using Construct, and surely some of you have also tried other engines. But most importantly you are creative people who like to make games, and therefore I bet you have a lot of good ideas of what should be possible in the process of making games, and how it should be done. Right?

    So here are some questions to get you started:

    • Which features do you personally think should be included in the application?
    • What could I learn from Construct or other existing engines/tools?
    • Is there anything you think would be especially challenging?
    • Is there something that hasn't been done yet, that you wish would be done to a game engine?
    • And not least: What kind of games would you make, if you had the tool, that I'm making? What would be important for your exact way of working or your game ideas? If you have anything else to say that might be useful for me, please do. I can use all your inputs (if they're serious of course).

    And before I get kicked out of the forum for advertising for competitive software solutions, I should say that it's probably going to take a long time, before this tool is released, if ever. Neither my partner or I have ever made any real software yet, we're all green. And besides, this is for another target group. I hope you understand.

    But if we do finish the project, which I believe we will some day, I will make sure to credit all the ones of you who give me valuable inputs, and of course you'll get a free copy of the application (if it's not going to be free).

    I look forward to hear your ideas and tips

  • If it's just a simple point and click first person type game, I would say simple knowledge of html, css, and javascript is all you would need. You would have to build an interface around this.

    However, many of those "simple" games of old also introduced all sorts of puzzles and mini-games. A point and click game with mini games can be easily constructed (pun!) in Construct.

    Btw, communication design: where are you located, if I may ask?

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  • I have edited this post to make it a little shorter and more precise. Hopefully it has helped. Sorry for the long response time, I've had a lot to do lately. Hopefully I haven't lost all potential attention.

    Yes, html, css and javascript would probably be sufficient for most of the structure. However that's not relevant until later in the process, for now I'm focusing solely on the design, so when we begin programming we have a blueprint so to speak. But yes, it might be possible to make some sort of small mini-games in my application by e.g. binding movement of a sprite to the arrow keys, but that wouldn't be the main focus.

    I just began writing a description of the main features I want in the application, but realised that it doesn't make much sense to describe it, as long as you can't look inside of my head and see the pictures (I'm not sure I would give you access to that if I could, anyway). So I deleted it. However, as I see it, Construct is useful for making pretty much any kind of 2D game, and it's very easy to use for what it can, but p&c games are probably the ones it's least suited for, as it's more focused on more physics based games, isn't that right? However, if you have a good example that proves that wrong, please share.

    I think, by focusing on p&c only, I could make an even easier and very delightful experience for those who want to construct (no pun intended) those kinds of games. But the structure of Construct 2 is very inspiring for my project, and I want to mix some of that with elements from various Adobe applications as well as entirely new stuff spawned from my brains.

    I've also managed to get a virtual machine running Windows, so I can now try out Construct for myself, which is very useful for getting inspiration for the process. And if someone feel like referring to features in it, It's now easier for me to relate (I also have Unity and Unreal Engine installed, if that should be useful).

  • Construct 2 is more than capable of making the game your talking about. Actually I could make a point and click with just html + javascript. But I think I know what your talkin about a game like this ... mium&hl=en

    Its point and click but with some advanced stuff too. Yes Construct 2 can make that.

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