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Pack of sprites for RPG games, characters and their customization, interface, inventory, icons, environment elements.
  • And here is the light version off my spacepack sprites and sounds.The full versions has more sprites and sounds.

    Download Spacepack(light)

    <img src="" border="0">

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  • Guys you can buy the full versions of the spritepacks at

    Don't miss out!

  • Making some progress with a new and improved space spritepack.volume 2 will have over 500 sprites in total.Also working on a spritepack for racing games.

  • Making some progress with a new and improved space spritepack.volume 2 will have over 500 sprites in total.Also working on a spritepack for racing games.

    Great Draven, i'm really appreciated with your free sprites pack. :)

    What kind of tools or softwares that you use for making that sprites?

    I'm just want to know and learn more.

  • kenli : I use various drawing apps such as inkscape*,photoshop cs5,gimp and mypaint as well as zbrush.

    *= correction my gfx driver was crap,slow lol.Updated the driver and inkscape is working again.

  • All my future spritepacks will be downloadable on my website.Go to DravenxGames.Go to the freebies section for free spritepacks.You can also visit my shop if you want to buy improved versions off the free spritepacks.

  • check out my new rpg character sprites. go to DravenxGames to find out more.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    A screenshot of my new upcoming dungeons spritepack.Should be available in the shop soon.Check back regulary for updates and free spritepacks.

  • Check out the freebies section for this weekends freebie.didn't have much time to create a freebie pack so i rendered a running army character.Go to Dravenxgamesto find out more.

  • Wow! When you buy a spritepack its FREAKING HUGE!!

  • Going to release a character sprite pack soon for free.Over 25 unique topdown view characters for a ridiculous price off $ keep an eye open for my new character pack at the freebies section off my website.

  • Well, I heard DravenX is gonna stop making sprites for a while. Everyone wants free sprites so much that they're not buying sprites from him. For some reason nobody wants to even pay $1.50 (or whatever currency) for some sprites. And he works really hard on them! 24/7! So, if you keep checking back for new free sprites, just so you know, that's probably done. Sorry. Well, you can always look forward to some of his upcoming games!

  • Aw that's a shame, well good luck on your games DravenX =)

  • Sounds great Draven, I'd be keen to pick up some sprite packs

  • I will continue to create free sprites ,just not on such a regular basis.I have also rejoined my team for that 3d horror game project.So if i have some time i will create more spritepacks and sprites.

    But selling sprites or spritepacks does not seem to work at all lol.Maybe my stuff sux so bad that people won't even pay 0.50 cents for it lol.Everyone's always welcome to visit my site,There will always be some new sprite or spritepack at the freebie section.

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