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  • Well I was thinking, at first, of ID3 tags, although those are MP3 specific (or at least not applicable to WAV or OGG files).

    I just read your two posts you linked, and I understand what you're saying now. Let me kick this around in my head and do a bit more reading and I'll see if I can come up with any ideas. Cheers.

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  • johnrazor sounds good for the most part. Just for the tags part, I would like to not rely on them. I think you can technically tag other audio files (even WAV, OGG, FLAC, & etc.), but I would rather leave the analysis up to the server/game, and preferably just the game, if possible, since I'd rather not force my users to require an internet connection to play.

    So at best, I'm hoping for a solution that allows a C2 game client to do all analysis and rely completely on said analysis rather than an external server or any sort of audio tags, so users can use any and all kind of audio that their system supports.

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