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  • It's MiniLD #51 Revenge of the Tool Jam so although I'm not entering I thought I'd make something anyway.

    I'm a bad artist and make all my graphics in MSPaint because it isn't feature heavy and over complicated for the basic art I create, but it's colour tools are really basic, so I though I'd make a quick and simple Colour Ramp Creator.

    Simply select your main colour using the sliders and click "Create" this will darken & lighten your main colour creating a nice(ish) colour ramp. "Export" will save as .png so you can import into anything you like.

    Some created ramps:

    If you'd like to use it you can


    Please note it looks a bit "funky" in the browser as the latest version of Construct 2 seems to have problems exporting certain sprites.

    Hope someone finds it useful & I'm open to suggestions for more features or improvements.

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  • Actually this is really cool! Thanks

  • Thanks for giving it a try

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