collab HTML5 2d/3d editor fund campgn to open source it!

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    This engine looks interesting! it needs funding to get open sourced. Main differences over Construct:

    -it's a collaborative engine - the client syncs with other editors on the network and updates real time.

    -The games can be 3d, as well as 2d - it uses three.js - also the editor supports 3d objects.

    -Doesnt have visual programming yet, but the creators are hoping to do something akin to an event sheet.

    -Both core and editor will be open source!

    -Editor can run on linux and mac, as well as anything that has a web browser


    Hi, I'm Elisée! You might remember me from CraftStudio, QuadSmash or the Spelunky Death Roulette. Together with Bruno (better known as Pixel-boy) and Nicolas, we're working on software to make cool vidja games.

    Early version of Superpowers, the user interface will look much better later.


    Built with Web technologies

    Superpowers runs either in your browser or as a stand-alone app.

    We want it to be free and open source

    Likely MIT licensed. Assuming we can gather the financial support required to work on it full-time.

    Completely modular

    Like, really. Superpowers is just a small core and everything from editors to scripting are added by plugins. You'll be able to improve or replace them all, and get more from the Superpowers community.

    Real-time collaboration

    As its predecessor CraftStudio, Superpowers lets you work with your buddies in real-time cooperation over the Internet... if you wish to do so!


    Those are some early examples of jam games made with the software as we're developing it. Right now it's all 2D but we've got 3D games coming soon. _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

    Hunt The Yeti

    Murder at the Residence Gudul


    The Superpowers game engine is built on top of Three.js.

    The Superpowers server is based on Node.js, it can host multiple projects. It serves the app and asset editors over HTTP and project data over NW.js makes it all incredibly easy to run on any computer.

    The codebase is currently written in CoffeeScript, but we'll be migrating to TypeScript soon.

    On the scripting side, we're also migrating from an experimental custom-built scripting language to TypeScript soon.

    Plugins can be written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or any language that compile down to those.

    Using 3D models (static OBJ and animated glTF models are currently supported)


    We're out to build a platform for people like us, small teams and lone developers. Lighter than Unity, more polyvalent than Game Maker. Open to contributions. Something you can fix yourself when the need arises. Easy to get started with. Collaborative.

    The team, guest-starring

    The plan is to try and get funded with recurrent donations, open source it all and keep working on it. When the time comes, we hope those who can afford it will see the value in funding a small team to build an open tool that everyone can enjoy no strings attached ^_^.

    10,000 feet view of what's we've been doing since summer 2014 and are working on now/soon:

    ☑ Core design

    The plugin, network and storage architecture are all in place, it works. To Superpowers, a project is just a tree of assets and a bunch of editors, all provided by plugins, served over HTTP and edited through WebSockets.

    ☑ Sprite sheet importer

    Import spritesheets (any image format supported by Web browsers), set up grid and start/end frames for each animation.

    ☑ Sound importer

    Import sounds and tracks (any format supported by Web browsers), set up whether to decode on startup (for short effects) or stream (for background music).

    ☑ Tile set and map editors

    Import tile sets, configure tile properties, build layered tile maps. Includes various tools like select, flip, resize/move map.

    ☑ Scene editor

    Create and manage an actor hierarchy. Add and configure components exposed by any plugins.

    Very barebones right now, missing draggable transform handles for instance.

    ☑ Model importer

    Import static OBJ and animated glTF models, with a single diffuse map for now.

    glTF models can be converted from COLLADA with the official converter.

    ☑ Script editor

    Edit scripts live together like in Google Docs. The TypeScript compiler helps catch errors early and source maps let you debug your game in your browser of choice.

    Uses scripting APIs exposed by any plugins.

    ☑ Server manager application

    Start/stop a local Superpowers server and manage installed plugins.

    Just a ZIP to unpack, no external dependencies.

    ☑ Superpowers website (target: March 13th!)

    Show what Superpowers is and wants to be. Provide a way for people to subscribe to support development and get early access.

    The teasing page is up and work on the crowdfunding system begins now.

    ☐ Release machinery

    We need to write some packaging scripts to automate creating builds of Superpowers and uploading them.

    ☐ Open source for everyone

    Once we're ready and funded, open up the repositories and start inviting people to contribute.

    ☐ Much more...

    We'll have much to do to enable people in the community to effectively learn, meet, work together and share. And there'll be a lot of work on existing editors and new ones to build (shaders! materials! fonts! to name a few).

    Make games, improve Superpowers, repeat!


    elisee — Personal accounts, French and English

    Superpowers Trello — Live updated task list

    — Live commit messages

    — News from the three of us

  • and this is going to be opensource & for free?!!

  • It is going open source and it is also going to be free!

    I hope someone writes a visual programming module for it some day. Something similar to construct2

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  • Actually the source code is already available to everyone who donated. It will become public in a couple of months to everyone!

  • Looks good

  • I'll use this tool along with other tools!

  • you gotta learn some typescript. Lets hope that it being open source would mean someone will make a visual programming framework for it like construct's

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