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Two levels with two sistem Wave. with Source-code (.c3p) + HTML5 Exported.
  • Anyone working with a team, what software banks have you used? Care to share any experiences?

  • I guess I need to be a bit more specific, where do you put your code so others can work on it and you do not step on each others toes? Do you use GIT, or another cloud service?

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  • I think is usually for such purposes used Github or similar services.

    And network folders with webdav protocol.

  • I've been looking at Github, not that my projects are huge. But you start getting into the 1000's of events and it can get confusing something to help with version control can't hurt, thanks for your input, I never even thought about the types of protocols to consider.

  • For C2:

    I'm more of a dropbox + Google drive guy personnally, but mostly the event code itself should contain every information so only one person work at the same time on something, I'll admit that I didn't yet really worked at the same exact time with someone on the code (too much afraid of version conflict for that), That is why I suggest to do a local version of the file that you work on, with every change highlighted/written, so you can apply them in the final file at the end.

    Also I like to work in a "blocky" way: I mean that each part of my code is potentially an independent block that can be fully modified without perturbing other parts.

  • For private works I use It's similiar to github but private.

  • Thanks for the tip, private network is what I am looking for.

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