[Willing 2 Pay] Need help with Multiplayer plugin, Construct 3!

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  • Hey there! I've become moderately familiar with the Multiplayer plugin in Construct 3, and have developed many prototypes for my game, but upon creation of the full game have run into a few problems.

    I created a "Ready-Up" screen that then jumps to another layout once all players are ready. The layout jumped to does not initialize the Multiplayer as desired, so if this sounds like something you would like to checkout, send me a message, or message me on any of my Social Media.

    I've also had a few problems creating the "Ready-Up" Screen itself, so would love assistance with that.

    Willing to pay for good work! I've invested a lot into this game already so hopefully that will serve has some support to know you won't be scammed! I'll be paying using Paypal.

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  • Hey,

    I can help.

    Let's discuss further over email: laurenfht@cisinlabs.com or Discord: Lauren_100#2313 .

    Thanks !


  • Lauren89 Added you on Discord. Looking forward to it!

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