[Trade] I know source engine.

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    Yeah, so unlikely, but thought I'd ask;

    Any pro construct people who want to learn the source engine?

    I used to do a lot -LOT- in source, a example would be my L4D2 campaign called Firetower Trail.

    Basically I'm looking for somebody experienced enough in construct 2 to teach me how to make Monopoly. All I got to trade with is that I can teach them/you how to make anything you want in the source engine. Source engine being Portal2, L4D2, TF2, HL2, CSS, and all the other Source engine games. (I wish valve could count to 3.)


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  • I would love to help make the Monopoly game. Here are the plus and minus -

    1) I am an older, retired programmer with many years of experience. I program in many languages, including JS and networking.

    2) I love board games.

    3) I am free and available because I am bored after retiring as a software consultant and I love programming.

    4) I have an email which starts with my full name (jackmullaney) and then at and then yahoo and then dot and then com.

    5) I am waiting with eagerness.

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