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  • We need our tile generator to be able to determine top, bottom, side, and corner tiles, and place the sprite accordingly.

    Currently it uses the same on the go tile generator that the arcade game "Go Faster" uses. We will provide any helpful information that we possess.

    If the tile generator can't be built into the game with the current method, we would be willing to use a different tile generation method if you can think of one, but it has to allow for the following requirements:

    -Near Limitless level that the player can't reach the end.

    -level has to be different every time in order to keep up replay ability

    -Good mobile performance

    Here's the game so you can see what we mean:

    WASD - move

    Space - jump

    F -special


    If you think this is possible, please PM me and we can discuss a price on the work :)

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  • If you want good mobile performance, you should change the limits of objects as max. 50, small count of collision per ticks and change low resolution canvas, it would look nice for retro games.

    There a third party plugin you can determine the corners for tiles. Don't you allow plugins?

    About replay ability, do you want a ghost like super meat boy or just traditional replay with controls such as play, pause, 2x speed, end?

    I would like to work with that, but I'm still busy... however pm me how much you would pay me. I will consider it's fine, I will work.

  • Joannesalfa   PMed!

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