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  • Hello people,

    I am a serious and motivated developer looking for 1/2 experienced pixel artists (vector/raster art will do too for little side projects) for a maximum 2-3 man team. The main project is a point'n click story telling space opera game

    I do everything but I will need some help with art.

    Because I want to target mobile platforms with native speed and capabilities I will work in Corona SDK (but I'll probably build prototypes in C2 for convenience).

    My work is professional and I am skilled in programming/sound so no worries about that

    I am looking for skilled people who want to be a part of a small team and create good products.

    Note that profits are shared equally and you become an equal part of the team. I am not your employer, I am your team mate.

    Those are some samples of desired work (I choosed pixel art because it's more simple and stylised):

    (64x64 pixel level of detail)

    (32x32 pixel level of detail)

    Basically my plans for team are:

    -A main story telling pixel art project (need to discuss this later). Will probably be made in UE4 or Unity because of the wide multiplatform possibilities.

    -Some little mobile games in vector/pixel art styles using Corona SDK.

    I am inspired by Sword and Sworcery, Gods will be Watching, Hyper Light Drifter...etc if you want a narrow direction of where I am thinking to go with the main project.

    Feel free to mp me with some examples of your art and your contact info if you are interested.


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  • Hello Uniform !

    My name is Datto, and i am founder of very little Company of Artists , illustrators, musicians , programers and basically good people , based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Separately we have history of making illustrations for books, set designs for theatrical plays, movies, cartoons and so on, but to be honest, now, as we get together under one roof , we are trying to put our self into game development. so far nothing has published, but work is in progress.

    I will be happy to make my company as part of your team, so we will help each other in many ways. together we will win this super live race )

    best regards


  • I would be interested in finding out more details about the project. I am a pixel artist that is looking for some new projects to work on.

    Here are some samples of my work.


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