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  • Small IS beautiful !!!

    Hi, we're 2 guys with experience in the gaming industry and we're looking for a programmer that can work with construct2 for "simple but fun" 2D games.

    I'm working on the audio and my partner is doing the design of the game.

    I would also work on the business development (website, social media) and some of my previous games had attracted the attention of some of our national media (Canada).

    We're looking for someone who is passionate by gaming development and for a long term partnership.

    We already have some games in flash and we would like to start by working on those games and make them available for android / ios. We would like to work on a new game as soon as possible with our new partner!!

    We would do our games in french and english.

    If you're interested, you NEED to show us some games/project you've made before!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    This is our very first games...

    You can try 3 games we've made on but you need to create an account and become fan or look for our account name : lesjeuxukulele

    Contact me here :

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