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  • Initially there will be no pay, all profits from this game will be split evenly between the four people that participate in the production of this game. I estimate that the creation of this game using construct2 is roughly 2 weeks or 80 hours TOTAL, it is not a complex game but one that has the potential to add infinite "levels" very easily.

    About me:

    I am a professional product manager, musician, jack of all trades. I came to this site three weeks ago with really high hopes. I have been blown away. The reason that I joined this site was to find an "engine" for a relatively simple yet very fun crafting "game". I have tested and research constructs capabilities and it fits the bill. I have significant documentation to support the production of the "game". As well as obnoxious yet necessary IP ownership forms and NDA's.

    I am seeking professional people that want to make money that can work on a deadline and fullfill their part of the puzzle here.

    While I can't guarantee you the fame and fortune of facebook or world of warcraft I can absolutely guarantee that you will be fascinated with my concept and want to see it through, regardless of its financial success.

    The most you will lose is the few hours you dedicate to building the game, it is not a time sink MMO or anything like that.

    I would love to give away more but prefer to hold the idea close as it is one that I have been working on since 2004.

    The two professionals that I am looking for are very different:

    First an expert with XML, AJAX and communicating with our webserver. We are gathering tidbits of information from XML files and cross referencing values on a DB its simple for someone who knows what they are doing but greek to me.

    Second a person who has solid experience in construct events handling and can pull together the elements of our UI with the functionality in our game.

    I currently have a third person that is creating the design elements of this project and myself I manage the non-virtual side of this concept as well as work on the front facing design.

    If this project has piqued your interest please send me an email at moore.mbv (a t) I would love to meet over skype or in person if you are in the bay area.


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  • I have had many responses. Thank you all for the interest. At this point I am looking to find someone who is professionally proficient in C2, that is the only requirement. Looking for this person ASAP, hope to have kick off meeting this week.

    This project should take no longer than a week of production (about 80 hours between 4 people) for more clarification on the profit sharing this is a product sold in appstores with additional revenue coming from the sales of products via the application.

    There is overhead on my end for the production of this product and those cost of goods sold will be deducted from the revenue to get our "Net Profit" which will then be distributed among the 4 contractors for 12 months from the kickoff meeting. I have all of that same language in an obnoxious legal document.

    This product is a proof of concept for a larger product. While it is being built in C2 and has quite a bit of game logic it is not a conventional game.

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