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  • Hello. I currently have a game released on iOS called Cluckles' Adventure, and I have reports from some users that its giving a black screen on startup. It seems to be happening to people with versions of iOS 9.

    I'm currently trying to fix this bug and I'm looking for a few people with iOS 9 on their Apple device to test a build of my game using TestFlight.

    I have play tested the game during development on iOS 10 and it works with no problems.

    Specific iOS versions mentioned by people experiencing the blackscreen are:




    If you'd like to volunteer please contact me by PM and send the email address linked to you AppleID. Ill add your email as an Internal Tester and you will be able to install alpha test versions of the game on your Apple device via TestFlight.

    I would ask that you report back to me whether the game can successfully launch on your device running iOS 9.


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