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  • Hi there.

    If you have any unused/abandoned.capx files that you're willing to share, I'd like to rework them into a free network for the betterment of civlilization.

    My hypothesis is this:

    A) Large and small changes are required in order to redirect the course of our civilization.

    B) The easiest changes are the smallest changes.

    C) The smallest meaningful change is a change of mind.

    D) Videogame technology can be used to change the mind.      

    I'm not talking about a mysterious unlocking of ancient wisdom.

    But the reason we are slow to make the essential changes in our societies is because our habits are embedded in the way we think.

    To wit,

    I'm trying to make games that remind the world's 70 million people of Gaelic descent that they have in their heritage another way of looking at things.

    I'm working on this, but I could do with some help.

    Even .capx that you might consider 'junk' would represent a major reduction in my workload and would be greatfully recieved.

    I won't connect any of your .capx files to the network without your prior approval, and all work will be credited.

    If you have any comments/questions or are interested in contributing your .capx (or .capx compatible media) to this project, please pm me or post your ideas below.

    Thank you and best regards


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