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  • The 5Lounge Team is hiring!

    For our project "5Lounge" we are looking for people who have experience and fun at Web Design, Programming, Graphic Design

    and / or management. Experience in the field of social media would be an advantage.

    You can expect a motivated, helpful and familiar team which places a high value on communication and respectful treatment.

    We also offer bases to collect more experience in these fields through long-standing work in the field of web and graphic design.

    5Lounge is a network with many different aspects to the improvements for the community of people on the net.

    We offer our users a number of new and already existing but optimized functions.

    What are our requirements?

    • Responsibility
    • Respect and cooperativeness
    • Experience in the relevant field
    • Active participation
    • Talk and write in basic English language

    Which positions in the team are free ?

    • Programing with knowledge in PHP, HTML, CSS. Advantages: experience with C# and Java.
    • Grafikdesigner: least experience with Adobe Photoshop. Advantages: Adobe Illustrator, Blender.
    • Management of Social Media / Advertising: creativity,teamwork and good communication.
    • Support: good communication.

    Contact:Email us,

    5Lounge Support

    Since 5Lounge is a hobby and is therefore not supported financially, we can not offer compensation to our team members currently. Should you nevertheless be

    interested to forge ahead this project please send an job application to the email address mentioned above.

    Your 5Lounge Team

  • Hey, I don't see an email address to apply to (scirra probably took it down), but I'm interested in helping you out as the graphic designer. I've worked with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash, and After Effects for almost 7 years now. I've taken 3 years of marketing/art class, and I'm currently on my 2nd year of film class.

    Contact me back either with a PM or with my skype: aidan310.

    You can also email me at

  • You will Receive an Email with in a Next Day.


    Your 5LoungeTeam,

  • Hi 5LoungeTeam can i be the programer in your team ? I am very good at coding

    Send me a pm.

  • ..

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  • Dear Flame

    Thanks for your interest at our Team.

    Please send a detailed Application to our email Address also with a small example of your programing Work.

    Do you have Skills in Php HTML Css or Javascript ?

    If yes please send us also a small example.

    We excuse the Mistake with the Post before.

    Thanks ,

    5Lounge Team

  • varexmedia


    About me : i'm designer and promotter for 10 years and also developer in construct i have experience of yers with amazing programe

    i could promote app to (( 1 MILLION download )) in Google play in just less month and i could prove that if you are interesting

    i need somone begin with him group and start earn together and work together in app



  • Hello speardev,

    we currently send you an email.

    thanks for the information.

    5Lounge Team,

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