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  • Hi guys,

    if you need a game idea but having difficulties making them into reality, then I can help you. I can make any games in C2 as long as there's a good GDD about it, and I can see the logic behind the game.

    My games list are here:

    Those are small games created in less than a month, but I can make bigger games for you if you want. If you're interested, feel free to PM me, reply to this topic or send me something to aryadiperwiras (at) hotmail dot com

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  • Heya,

    I'm currently glossing-up my Tizen comp game, and soon after completion, my team will be heading into my RPG. But in the month or so in between (while I tinker away with the RPG engine and the team brushes up our other game for release), I want to do one more.

    So! I have a little game that's like a cross between the original Oddworld and a 2D monster hunter. I have done only a few days on it, but it's a very simple game that I see as being very fun. So, if you like we try working together on it. I expect it would take only a few weeks of part-time effort, and the main thing will be designing levels and polish. There are some AI needs, but they are easy for me to do.

    So yeah, let me know if you're up for it/any questions you have :)

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