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  • For those wanting to create backend systems for their projects, I'm offering myself for a fee on a per project basis.

    I will write your php scripts in simple procedural code programming style, along with comments, which should be easy to follow.

    I could also write full class files and what not, but for those interrested in being able to tweak and adjust it themselfs further down the line of their projects, this is a good approach.

    I can design your databases based on desires and needs and assist with the return values and how to use them.

    My preference lies with self build text strings, but json build strings or xml are not a problem.

    I am a very capable web programmer and am a certified interweb developer with a title of master designer.

    I got quite a few examples around the web, but looking at should give you a good idea what I am capable of.

    My expectancies of communication:

    You contact me, explain what you need.

    I give feedback of whats possible or perhaps better appoach and give an estimate of costs involved.

    Upon acceptance I will try to complete the request within 48 hours.

    Paymenyts to paypal, or through ideal to bank payments, cost fees for sender on both occasions.

    25% Payment up front, rest when project is done.

    Within the scope of my assistence also lies getting a database up and running on a webhost of your choosing, mind you, if you are not capable of setting up this end yourself, I will need to have access to either your cpanel or your php myadmin.

    Rough estimate of costs simple projects:

    Login system: 100$ (1 table)

    Highscore system: 100$ (1 table)

    Player inventory and items: 150$ (2 tables)

    Rough estimate of costs advanced projects:

    World system: 250$ (4 tables)

    player locations with x,y coordinates on a planet, with countries, with cities, with locations.

    Self made web interface to add / edit database entries.

    Imagine a function like a player entering a building and being able to see who traveled there already.

    Galaxy system: 350$ (6 tables)

    Near same as the world system, but added is planet locations, solar systems, sectors and galaxies.

    Self made web interface to add / edit database entries.

    I will add free support to the materials created by me.

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