[PAID/TRADE] Will trade concept art for Con programming help

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  • Need some concept art? Creatures, technology, characters...if you're interested, PM or e-mail me -- fmb137qmy@gmail -- with a concept or design that you want. I'll do the first rough draft for free, and if you like it we can continue from there. Be as vague or as specific as you like.

    I will trade any art given in exchange for help with programming Construct 2, or otherwise will accept monetary compensation. I may consider doing work for free (with credit) if I'm really interested in the project, but would have to be pretty compelling.

    I am a game designer looking for assistance on programming a relatively simple 2D platformer (I have most of the individual pieces of the engine figured out, and mostly need help stitching it together in a sensible way, and tweaking a few things). I will trade assistance in this area for a steady supply of concept art, or possibly final asset art depending on the demands.

    My specialty is science-fiction and/or fantasy, and I'm best at doing creatures of all sorts (animals, aliens, robots, humanoids) and things like armor or weapon design -- be it futuristic, old fashioned, both, or neither. I can also dream-up environments, but I'm not as experienced in that area. I work with pretty much any style -- light and cartoony, darker and more realistic, or surreal abstract. I can also do pixel art.

    I am also a writer -- it's actually my true area of expertise -- which I will gladly assist with. Going hand-in-hand with that, even if your game has minimal actual "writing", I can help to create a believable, cohesive feel to the world-building and design (I.E., aside from just designing a creature I can help explain its origins, why it looks the way it does, its behavior, so on and so forth). World-building is a hobby in itself for me, and it's probably the most valuable service I can provide.

    Here is a quick mock-up I did earlier with a more pixel art feel. PM or e-mail me if you're interested!

    Some other random rough stuff:

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