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  • Short Introduction:

    My name is T-R-Dannyyy, just Danny is fine too.

    I'm a game designer that enjoys working with C2 or Software/Game Engines in general.

    The Game:

    After working on several mini-games, I've decided to take a big step and work on my

    first large game, which will most likely be sold on Steam if everything goes well in the process.

    My game, currently called "----" is already 10 months in development

    and it will be even longer in development until I'm fully satisfied with it.

    "---" has a deep story with a lot of content and exciting plot twists,

    which have to be told in an appropriate way and not just by dialogboxes themselves.

    My Gameart Request:

    I want the game's story to be told by dynamic concept art-like images, which really have to be on point.

    As they say: "an image tells more than thousand words" and I think this fits in quite well with my request.

    The full-HD gameart should be in a manner of "Shadow-Art", with colors that support the artstyle but not take its place.

    (This is a general direction, keep in mind that this is just a concept! Click HERE.)

    Artist Requirements:

    • Flexible Workflow (Has to accept changes in his/her work at any time, if I'm not fully satisfied with it.)
    • Good Communication (Has to be able to communicate on an almost daily basis, if required. [Languages: English / German])
    • Commercial Use (Has to accept that his/her art will be used inside a commercial game with possible large, public exposure.)
    • Transformative Work (Has to be able to give art in a format, that makes it possible for later changes done by myself.)
    • Well Experienced (A degree as a proof is not necessary, providing a large portfolio with examples is acceptable.)

    Payment Requirements:

    • Paid Work (Your work will be paid, the amount is depending on the quality and quantity of your work.)
    • Payment with Paypal or Giropay (Payment with a credit card or using malicious 3rd Party websites/tools are not accepted!)
    • Payment will be in Euro [€] (Usually converting the currency should be possible using Paypal.)

    Additional Goodies (If Accepted):

    • Your Name can be used as a promotion inside the game.
    • Guaranteed approval for future art requests if the game is successful. (E.g. Future DLC / Content Updates.)
    • Additional Donations/Tips can be earned on special occasions only. (Sometimes top-notch work, really has to be additionally rewarded!)

    Contact Information:

    You can feel free to post your full portfolio below, I generally recommend to send me an Email or PM privately.

    (PM to: HERE | Emails to: )

    Last Words:

    I will try to respond to all applications, this might require some time so please be patient.

    More information such as details on the format or content of specific images, will be told after you've been accepted.

    If something is still not covered by this post and needs to be answered, please ask me directly in form of a comment.

    Thanks for your time, looking forward to work with you!

    ~ Danny H. (T-R-Dannyyy)

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  • ~CLOSED~

    Please do not apply for this anymore!

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