[PAID] Need developer for mini-game

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The concept is running and jump to avoid the obstacle on the road until you can catch your lovely lady.
  • Need a programmer/someone with experience exporting games to either platform.

    (Would prefer to deal with a person of 16+ thankyou)

    The Game

    Features which I really want help on:

    • In-game purchases for upgrades etc
    • Locally stored highscore (Unless can suggest a super easy/cheap way for online leaderboard)
    • Help on some in-game problems I've been having, such as objects spawning on top of each other, help me out a bit on values within game.
    • Mobile optimization advice

    Will pay for work, and give credits in-game.

    No profit share (Unless you wish to discuss these terms for a smaller payment)

    Please PM me or email me at discmachgamesuvz@gmail.com

  • Hello Discmach,

    I'll give you some tips for free.

    First: Any type of WebGL Effect can ruin your plans for Mobile Games;

    Second: Overlapping issues are easy to manage by simple sorting each sprite inside a family, using their Y as parameter;

    Third: Use Clay.io to give you all the tools for in game purchases, plus, highscore leadboards, achievements, etc.

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  • TELLES0808

    I really appreciate the advice :)

    I know about Webgl issues with mobile devices, I guess I'm hoping to find some alternatives. The main webgl effect I've been using is "Vertical Blur", and I know I could just manually blur it in photoshop as an alternative.

    Didn't consider using families like that, I'll give it a go :)

    Thanks again :)

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