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  • Hello, I'm a regular user of construct 3 after the main work, I need an experienced developer to implement my idea.


    I have a game and I want to upgrade it or make a new implementation from scratch. In order not to take up your time, imagine how much effort it takes to implement such a puzzle and multiply by 2-3 what I will need based on the complexity of the implementation.

    I will describe everything in detail in a personal message, but for now - I need to be able to make a mega puzzle of any size and save and load its individual parts at the right time, by a separate part I mean a playing area equal to one screen on which the puzzle pieces are placed (otherwise if there will be 3000 pieces of the puzzle on the stage, then the players will have 5 fps). The puzzle itself should consist of a Sprite object, which has many animations, each animation is a small puzzle, I will make an image in Photoshop and upload it as frames to the animation)

    If interested, write the approximate cost of implementation and time. spacestarkpmw@gmail.com

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