[Paid job] We are looking for Construct 2 expert

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  • Hey,

    We are looking for a Construct 2 expert to help us do some minor modification on a game.

    We need to export our highscore values to a local file or directly to webstorage. So the programmer should have experience and knowledge in Databases as well.

    Our location is Sweden, but we can use Skype and Paypall if its okey with you,

    If you have time and can deliver the job pretty fast, then write here or email me to discuss the job and payment further.

    We are looking for a long term collaboration since we are planning to release another game after this one.

    Our best regards


  • goldfinger68 .... your post is bit confusing.... explore more..... I can help you.

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  • We have a game that we are going to upload online, this game has no code strings regarding the highscore, the player just gets a final score in the end of the game right now. But we are looking for a programmer who can save the highscore in the end of every round on our online server.

    Please write to my email so i can explain more.

  • Hello , i will do it for you and no need to pay me , it's an easy thing for a programmer "hsmouadh@gmail.com"

  • hmmg you are awsome, i will contact you.

    Best regards

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