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  • I'm looking for someone in the US that I can work with on a consistent basis for my projects. I have others that I do use on occasion, but they are all tied up with other projects, and it's always good to have more contacts.

    For this project I really don't need the skills (and cost) of a professional designer. This first project is very simple in terms of graphics with very little animation. I would prefer if the art files are done in Photoshop and/or Illustrator, but as long as it's in a format and layered in a way that I can alter it later, then anything is fine.

    I'm planning a remake to an old arcade game called Empire City.

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    What will be needed:

    Background Images layered so they can be broken into separate files for layering in game.

    Bad Guys with a Shooting and Dying animation.

    Power up images (Machine gun, health box, etc)

    Random Sprites for the level that can be shot (Trashcans, boxes, street lights).

    Fresh new HUD

    Blocking sprite (See youtube video for example).

    Title Screen

    Possible GUI elements (Button, icons, etc).

    If you think you are up for this, please shoot me a PM and we can discuss further, or add me on Skype - ArcadEd

    Again, I do ONLY want a designer from the US at this point in time as I don't want to deal with currency exchange and language barriers. My goal is to find a good, hard working person I can came back to time and time again and that I can refer to other developers.

    Thanks for your time.


  • Sent you a PM ;]

  • I realize the bottom of my post there was a typo. I do in fact want a designer from the US first .

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  • Oh, sorry then, good luck on your search ;]

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