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  • Hello all,

    While I have gotten the database/php all working I require a plugin for a complex task, for an education technology company.

    I am requiring a somewhat complicated plugin for Construct 2. This plugin needs to ‘fill in the blanks’ For example: “I do not like green eggs and ham” would be automatically changed to “I __ not like __ eggs and ___”. I want this to be done automatically, not manually moving invisible boxes or anything else that requires any manual process. This needs to be done automatically. Either the user decides which words should be blanked or plugin does it automatically.

    The next step would allow a user then to draw different key words to the fill in the blanks and if they got it correct remove the filling in the blank and add the right word.

    If you need further help understand what I require, please do not hesitate to contact at

    If you do understand and you think you could do that. Let me know how much you will think it will cost, I am open to all offers.

    Kind regards,


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