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  • fumetsujo LOL! Just days ago talked in discord about the idea of create a Babylon JS plugin 4.2v free for C3,etc... and now this appears :P

    Are you alone doing the plugin? Doing as hobby? full time? Had previous experience on C2/C3 plugins?

    From what we discussed the other day, before start a plugin it needs some good design to see all the stuff needs to be done and how, trying to be compatible with C3 default behaviours/plugins,etc... so wonder if you did some design, research, have some todo-list or what have you planned?

    Also, having in mind the lot of work it can be, and due C2 is gonna be retired next year, maybe better put all the efforts in the C3 version instead ¿?


    It was meant as a side project.

    I do not have time (atm) to put all my time into this.

    I've added a converter (and did a conversion) for C3. You can find all data on github.

    Do give feedback if it works. You can do with it whatever you want (unless X3M or Davit Masia overrule this).

    Note: Later I might pick this up, but for now it's done for me (I spend a looong time testing the conversion to babylon 4.2).

  • Do give feedback if it works. You can do with it whatever you want (unless X3M or Davit Masia overrule this).

    Well, im Davit Masia so no problem in that way XD, and talked time ago with X3M and told me due he dropped the support and no longer developing on it he gave me permision to distribute all by free.

    I see, so, atm its just a first step, updated for 4.2 and the files needed for C2 and C3 conversion.

    Wonder if somebody can work with that to push further in a long term :P

    Btw, thanks for the work!

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  • Haha, great and thank you!

    I'll follow the topic and might join you (project) in the future.

    Always enjoy creating and exploring!

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