PAID: 2D Arcade Shooting Game

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  • Hey guys!!!

    I'm looking for a experienced programmer to prototype a arcade shooting game like, Dragon Flight or Gradius on the iphone/PC

    Looking for things like:

    # of lives

    Gold collecting

    Micro transactions to purchase extra gold for upgrades

    Records of highscores

    Bloom tech

    Good Ai/boss reactions

    Temp audio/art/fx placeholders

    I'm looking for a industry professional that can deliver on time, and meet expectations! This is a paid project, if this is something your interested in doing, please let me know =)


  • You should specify what you are after a little better... If you want professional help..try to post a better da..

    You are requesting two different games...although basically the same idea...Do you have a Price range ?

    There is a mostly complete example of these type of games already in the Examples and on the forums...

    You mention temporary art placeholders?? its already been done for you ...

    check the examples...

    if you want a completely original game with original artwork you should say so ..

    your ad is a little vague..

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  • What is the price you are expecting to pay ?

  • What is the price you are expecting to pay ?

    This. It is not enough to say it is a paid job without specifying your budget.

  • I could help ive done scripting before I found construct is pretty simple and ive done most of that stuff

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