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  • I'm working on a game for those who enjoy open-ended roleplay with other people. The game will be in the style of old jRPG's like the original Pokemon and Final Fantasy games, with worlds made by server hosts and customizable player characters. Players can communicate through dialogue boxes that update as they type in a text scrolling manner, complete with emotive custom full portraits of their characters, and interact in many ways. They can fight other players in one-on-one or party/team turn-based battles, and then detain, drag or carry around the unconscious or otherwise weakened foes, or finish them off right then and there.

    This is a game focused on player interaction with other players and the world, and customization of every aspect, so that roleplayers can create their own story with their friends in an immersive graphic medium.

    What I need mainly is an artist. I'm currently the sole programmer, so it might take less time if I had more programmers as well, but I certainly need an artist more. I need tilesets, items, player sprite parts, like different hairstyles and etc. and maybe later on monsters. The style would be pixel art, likely 32x48 for player sprites but it could be higher or lower resolution depending on the artist's capabilities and preferences. I'm looking for whoever is interested in working on the project, that is, at best pay would come in the form of rev share or crowd funding once the game is in at least a presentable state with at least minimal graphics.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this!

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