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  • Hi, I'm a Construct 2 developer with about 4 years of experience with the program. I'm looking to create a team to make games together, just for fun and experience, and if they are actually good, we could even sell them. Of course if we'd sell them we would share the revenue. I'm pretty much a coder and designer, I can't really draw, so if you can do any art, that's really appreciated. I don't have any particular idea in mind for what we would do, but I really don't like making smartphone games. I'm open to any genre though. I'm currently a student, so I don't have much time, and I don't expect you to dedicate too much time to the projects either.

    Check out my website for my (mostly) completed projects:


    So if you're interested, please reply to this post, send me a PM here, or just email me:

    daem_on [at] icloud.com

    Please provide a link to at least one of your games / projects, so i have some sort of a reference.

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  • Why not.

    Manly I'm an 2D artist.

    pixels, or simple clean work, and Ive been using construct for the past year now made like one game lol but it was or still will be a big project to complete one day. Here is a link to it ( https://www.scirra.com/arcade/shooting- ... -beta-4302 )

    Also i do have some construct coding ability, and I'm still learning so some pointers would be awesome.

    my job doesn't offer to much time on my hands but if we can get good projects done that's great.

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