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  • Hello everyone.

    I have a game in it's concept stage named 'Rise of Speed'. I need some of the following people to perhaps participate in the development?

    This team will for now be non-profit, but in the future will actually earn money when and if the game is successful.

    These are the positions available.

    Co Author - Pretty much does what I do.

    Coder - Self explanatory, really.

    Lead Artist - v

    Artist - Self explanatory.

    Lead Concept Artist - v

    Concept Artist - Creates sketches or online art of concepts that were suggested or they themselves have.

    Balancer / Idea Generator - Balances items that may be overpowered or underpowered, and generates ideas for future content.

    Web Manager - Manages our websites/forums or anything else to do with online stuff.

    If you'd like to join the team, please post here. Thank you!

  • just check out my game below on tell which position you want me in

  • just check out my game below on tell which position you want me in

    You look like you are best with code. you want to be a coder? If so, ya gotta get familiar with car physics, functions, etc.


    Come and have a chat, Maybe we can help each other out.

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  • Hey.

    If it's NOT a space shooter / arcade-like game again, then I'm interested.

    I think I'd be best as a Coder or Web Manager (perhaps both).

    Check out my work:

  • Hey I know it's been a while since you posted this but if you're interested in a freelance animator with trivial coding experience then I can help you out. I can also help with website management but you might want a experienced coder for that. My art is decent but my animation skills are pretty solid. If you are still interested in making the game send me a message

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