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  • Hello, I am New Aquarian. I and a partner of mines developed a game that is a new twist on an old classic game from the 80's. The game is considered to be FINISHED, however there are couple of features that SHOULD be installed on the game before me and my partner releases it.

    -I need a another partner, who is able to install online multiplayer on my game. It is a PONG game, so it wouldn't be too complex. My current partner does not know how to install it.

    -I also need someone to put ads on my game, so this way it can generate revenue, something it should have no problem doing.

    -I know for a FACT that with these two features installed on my game, the game WILL become profitable in someway or form, because the concept of the game is very special.

    -If you are interested in installing ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and/OR ads on my SPECIAL PONG game please email me at OR skype "Savaunhax".

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  • Hello developers

    About me : i'm designer and promotter for 10 years and also developer app

    i could promote app to (( 1 MILLION download )) in Google play in just less month and i could prove that if you are interesting

    i need somone begin with him group and start earn together and work together in app



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