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  • So I'm currently making a game with a team and I'm a noob in programming and I'm also new in construct 2. So I need someone to tell me answers like what I'm suppose to do for this action to work.

    Can anyone help me in that?

  • Hi Artwark,

    C2 users are a pretty friendly bunch of folks, and you'll almost always find someone to help you out when you need it. So just post a question on the forum if you get stuck.

    But remember there's already masses of information on the forum. So it's always worth doing a thorough search, before asking a question.

    Good luck

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  • Artwark check my signature or add me on steam: Sulli

    I am normally online (its on in the background) and it is currently the best way to communicate with me.

    Due to technology being a specific topic I can only communicate in English.

  • Ok see here's the thing.

    I have an object called void that currently sucks other objects. Now when a button is pressed, The void must push the other objects when the objects come close to it. In other words the void must repel the other objects when pressing a button to the outside screen.

    Then when pressing another button, I want the void to suck objects faster and further than what it currently does. How do I do this?

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