Need game artist for a sprite sheet [Free or very cheap]

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  • My post was made in jest, so don't take it to heart

  • procrastinator Didn't sound like that...

  • Well you were deflecting the attention to someone else. No matter how much of an a*se that other guy is, people are only gonna look at you making it worse for yourself when you do such things.

    Seriously, learn your lesson from this and move on. Try and control your emotions on the www since there are trolls who feed off you getting p*ssed off at the slightest thing. They love it!

  • games I know people can be unintentionally being rude for having a bad day, so my post were actually not trying to make you look bad or anything, purely intended to educate you on how the public can and will respond to such behavior. One thing to remember that, we're trying to make games here either as hobbyist or being a pro indie, so dealing with public is unavoidable eventually, actually it is a perfect place to learn PR here by improving your communication ethic with other developer.

    Last but not least, your thread was supposed to help you to solve the problem, not introducing another problem which ultimately very unnecessary. Seriously, you got to improve your PR skill man, you don't want to be another Phil Fish for the wrong reason.

    This is just a piece of advice from me because I've been in your shoes before, and that was in real life job (not game making), I learnt that having a feud with public and even worse against people that doing the same thing as I am, is the least thing I want to do, luckily I get to recover, once I step over the limit I don't see things are reversible anymore.

    Maybe you should have a read about Phil Fish, which shows extreme cases of ignorance, there's a lot to learn from his life story, cheers!!

  • Thanks DuckfaceNinja! Right, I've calmed down, so is there anyone who would be interested in the offer?

  • Offer or insult? Do you know how much training and time it takes to produce good art? Try it yourself. Spend months/years to get experienced enough, and save your 20 for x000$ in software licenses.

    If you need free game art, you can try to find some here:

  • dhondon thanks for the advice, but save my 20 for x2000%^ in what???

  • He referring to thousands of dollars in software licenses like photoshop etc.

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  • Aah, ok. Well, I will do the sprites myself.

    [Famous Last Words]

  • can I ask how old are you?

  • Right, here goes nothing... 11. XD sorry.

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