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  • I want my game to be played by multiple players (4 players)

    Can anyone help me?

    Now I can let 4 players play in one window, but I want each player have their windows to play this game.

    I know that I must learn PHP, MySQL or Node.js, but I don't have time now.

    I'm in hurry!


    I use this Plugin:

    Game Rule:

    -Deal a Question Card and a Picture Card

    -Answer = 10 points. Answer within 30 sec.

    -Fast = 10 points. Fast means answer within 20 sec in your turn (No fast point for the question that has been skipped).

    -Help = 10 points. Help means answer the question that has been skipped.

    -4 jackpot cards, each card = 30 points. players will not know which one is the jackpot card until the game is ended.

    -badges are used for fast lv1,2,3 & help lv1,2,3

    Thank you in advanced for your help

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  • Well for such a critical feature to your game and posting in "Help Wanted" section rather than the "How Do I". Are you offering anything?

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