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  • Hey everyone! I've previously posted about the game in the Works In Progress section and wanted to come here to see if anyone would like to team up with me in designing it. Mainly, the only thing I need is some concept and map guys. I'll make the actual, solid maps, myself, but I just need someone that'd be willing to help me bring forward the concepts of the game, including gameplay, story, map design, etc.

    I'm also looking for some sound/music guys, if you're interested, but otherwise I plan to just use music and sounds that can be found at I am willing to work with just about anyone, but I don't really need any programming or coding.

    The game is going to be open source from the bottom up, and although it is original, it's really just contribution to the community of Scirra, to produce possibly more Mega Man fangames. If you do make a game seperate from my project using my source, please let me know that you did, I would really like to hear about it and play it. I'm excited to see what people might make with it.

    If you want to see the original, more detail post about the project, look here:

    This post contains the source, demo on, and the concepts already in place for the game (aside from the story, which I will include in later posts)

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