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  • Hello devs,

    this post is for any C2 developer who wants a job for the next 3-6 months

    your job is to create games for me, i will provide all the graphics needed, so all the work is game making.

    The games will range between simple, medium and hard games. i will provide you with monthly game list and timeline for delivery of each game. since the graphics are all provided, all you gotta do is develop and code the game.

    remember, this is a job, so your time should be dedicated to game developing. hours of work will be discussed upon choosing the best candidate.

    the job might go on for a full year if i am really impressed.

    payments would be via WU and sent on monthly basis, guaranteed if you're really serious and honest.

    to apply, send me a PM with these details:

    1) What is your expected salary ( each country has certain living costs, so naturally it varies between the applicants )

    2) Show me your games made so far ( you gotta convince me to pick you for the long run )

    3) How many games can you make per month ?

    Looking forward to your messages

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  • Hi, I have interest in the offer. If still open, can you PM me with any alternative contact method? I can't PM yet because I am still with only 280 rep. Thanks!

  • Hi, sorry, but I still can't reply the PM. Scirra blocks users with rep below 500 from using the PM system, EVEN for reply... I can read the messages, through.

  • brunocoimbra, okay i will send you my contact details so you can send me the proposal

    hey , please send me a PM with the details, i am receiving the proposals there.

  • Just send you a PM.. hope you still need

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