Looking To Commission A C2 Game Template For SMF Arcade Or MyArcade

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  • Hi.

    I have been trying to create a private arcade for a while now. The only arcade framework I could find was the MyArcade plugin for Wordpress, but could never get a straight answer on how to manually upload games made in Construct 2 such that they would integrate with it's leaderboard system.

    I am not up to date with my web design skills - I took like 20 years off and am totally lost in today's code (I never heard of most things in use today like CSS and more).

    So needless to say my php/mysql skills are non-existent.

    I found the smf arcade is making a comeback and got one installed on a test site. It is Perfect for my needs, but I can't figure out how to make my own games work inside of it (smf is free forum software and the smf arcade is a free plugin for it) (I can provide links to both the forum software and the arcade package if anyone is interested).

    The games I make can't be uploaded to the Scirra Arcade for import since they contain adult content and violate the terms for uploading here.

    What I am looking for is a simple capx template that just plays an overly simple game which generates a score and sends it to the leaderboard in the smf arcade. Even just click a box a few times then move to a game over screen with a "replay/submit" option.

    I can build my games around that, or just import it to existing games and get this long overdue project working.

    Is this a job that anyone would be interested in accepting?

    We can discuss payment and that sort of thing privately or right in this thread, whichever works best for whomever thinks they can make such a thing work.

    Alternatively, a template that works with the MyArcade Plugin for Wordpress is just as good. Possibly even preferable. But the MyArcade plugin would require a purchase to get access to the advanced features needed for this sort of customization. I would buy it if I could be 100% sure it would work as I need, but I can't get confirmation on that from anyone. I tried both on test installs and liked the features in smf arcade better, but either is perfectly acceptable and since I can't make either work easily, I am hoping someone with the skill to do this reasonably quickly would be willing to accept the offer.

    Thanks for reading this and I look forward to any replies or pointers to get me going on this project.

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