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  • No one would attack you because everyone is aware some people don't show tags that they have a license. The person they are referring to was stated that they asked questions in other threads that a person with a cracked version of the software would ask. Like have a dirt old version of the engine when there is a newer stable version out. Usually a person does that because the crack won't work with the new update release. That is why they point him out not because of his lack license badge and he didn't provide nothing to the administrators to show that wasn't the case. So its more to the story then what you see in this thread.

    PhoenixNightly thanks for clearing out!

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  • Just don't want people that don't have badges to think they have some automatic target on them.

    **Now if it is true of them having a pirated version I do not know. This is what I observed through out the threads I have seen that made people raise question marks.

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