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  • Hello !

    Sorry to arrive like a tourist, I'm searching for job but I never worked before. I can offer what I'm learning, some graphic designer stuffs. I don't have great skill but I would love to learn from experiences.

    For now I'm making simple logos with Photoshop, and I'm currently creating a pixel mapworld for my Ene-RPG project so I hope to show you the result soon. If you need some logos or icons for your presentations, please contact me by PM. Other works can be suggested but I promise nothing else to try them, and of course since I'm a beginner prices can be negotiated once my work is done. I'm opened to any questions.

    Here a few examples of logos I have made for my own projects (you can see more on my DeviantArt).

    Some of my side/old works :

    A template for a trading card project I paused.

    I just made the dresses. Base by Rythea.

    Now I know Photoshop better I would like to improve that and create detailled maps.

    A bust view of my character Honchan... She is wearing a chinese dress if you are wondering.

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