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  • ok i come back 2morrow (been working on this for 8 hours) i've been searching for how dictionary works but they keep leading me to json and ajax and that they load these things. my brain hurts after looking at the manual and tutorials. maybe some more detailed info can lead me right way ..... and i thought all i needed to know was ARRAYS ,shots fired at Fireche!!! lol

  • none will tell you here step by step how to do a full inventory, that's way too much work (which is why there is one in the store for 40 dollar). But we can give you advices on how to start it. Using arrays alone can be enough for a simple inventory system btw.

    But here is how I would do it:

    Use a 2D-Array. (X = ID of item, Y = is item slot free) When you drag and drop item X into the inventory you check for an empty spot in the inventory. After you set the ID of the droped item into the X axis.

    If you want to save multiple items you could use an instance variable of an object to save its amount. (If you drag and drop an apple onto another apple in the inventory you add to the apples instance variable ("amount") +1.

    What did you try so far? Did you try something on your own without any tutorials?

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  • yes i did try somethings let me show you my capx of my attempts

    In this first build a programmer helped me put it together and taught me about picking and strings that i didn't know how to use

    each item is a frame of the slot and when you gain an item slot 1 will change to animation frame of the item, if its a gear it will go to next slot if its a bug or anything else it will stack

    but then i wanted drag and drop ability what if i drag item to elsewhere like a gear to my character sheet to equip it .... then that means the slot wouldn't be there anymore

    so then i build this

    this has drag and drop and i have inventory next to character equip slots (i combined the sheet to make it easier) the item being pinned to a item icon because each item i wanted not in a family so each gear can have random rolls for STR,VIT,DEX, ect. but the items all go to one slot and i'm doing something entirely wrong.

  • fireche first off you say its easy to build an inventory with array , then you say its too much work for someone to help build a full inventory. well if everyone actually didn't make half ass tutorials and did a step by step for fully working inventory, i wouldn't be here. I have seen many long tutorials that show alot of work so dont tell me anything is too much work. If someone wants to, they can create as big of a tutorial as they can. Its people that like you who are lazy acting like you know it all.... everythings easy..... and making it sound like i'm dumb. I am in the dark on these subjects so be my mentor and teach and that way it might help everyone

    YES- I see your way of using the ARRAY, I understand how ARRAYS are used

    NO- I dont understand JSON's or AJAX, I dont understand alot of other things that need to get to where i need to be

    so if anyone here who wants to touch on a subject that will help me learn please feel free to add to the know how, i think it would be cool if we had this thread as a full tutorial of an inventory. i'm not mad at anyone i simply just want help and nobody to hold back even if its alot of work to educate. you dont have to sit and type or tell me everything all at once i dont expect to have all the information right away. just feed a lil bit at a time

  • Hi Gussy, I can walk you through it and help you make it the way you imagine, but I need it to be paid work. Are you interested?

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