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  • Hello. Nice to meet you guys. Let me introduce Korean game graphics outsourcing company. “design level” is an outsourcing company specializing in game graphics that was established in Korea in 2010. We provide graphics to various clients in Korea, Japan and China. From 2018, we will be active in English too. Since we can accept for testing requests, we would be happy to contact you anytime if you would like to outsource. We will repay you with low cost and high quality. Please don’t hesitate to request a test job to us. If you are satisfied with our work, then you can agonize at that time. Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions, contact me anytime. I put my email address below.

    [Working Area]

    â–  Game Graphic 2D Character Design

    â–  Game Graphic 2D Background Design

    â–  Game Graphic 2D Animation (spine,Live2D)

    â–  Game Graphic 3D Character Design

    â–  Game Graphic 3D Background Design

    â–  Game Graphic 3D Animation

    â–  Game Graphic 3D Effect

    â–  VR Graphic

    â–¡ Substance, Unity, Unreal, Spine, Live 2D, Anima 2D, 3D max, Maya

    Home Page :

    Email Address :

    Skype : dslevel_en

    Contacts : +82 10.5695.0086

    Jeong Hyeon Song PM

    [ Design Level X Pd Korea portfolio ] ...

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